Women for Women's Human Rights


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  • Gülçür, Leyla, Özcan, Ayten and Özenen, Ferhan (1995). Haklarımız Var! (We do have Rights!). İstanbul: Women for Women's Human Rights. This brochure includes important articles of the Turkish Civil and Penal Codes, and their implementation and enforcement that promote women's rights. The brochure has been designed especially for women of lower literacy levels. It is being used in our outreach programs and has been handed over to various other organizations for dissemination.


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  • It's Time to say No! (1995). A 31-min. video film about domestic violence and sexual abuse in Turkey. Dir. by Pınar Ilkkaracan and Asuman Şanver. The film also includes strategies and can be used in empowerment programs (in Turkish, with English and KIHP@Info-Ist.comlink.apc.org